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Such an easy thing to say, but such a difficult concept to adopt. We are surrounded by comfort, comfortable seating, comfortable living situations, and comfortable thinking. The most difficult thing to do is to step outside that comfort, why bother, isn’t that what we want, comfort?

Comfort is a trap! It is as simple as that, what at first feels comfortable, eventually begins to break us down.

Let’s look at this concept in greater detail. Take for example a comfortable sofa, you sink into it, it seduces you with its inviting cushions and soft fabrics. We snuggle in and before long we have been sitting there for an hour watching some inane show on tv. All of a sudden, the sofa isn’t as comfortable, we try to bolster our bodies with pillows, we squirm around looking for that comfort that is lost. Then it is no longer just uncomfortable, it is painful, we stretch our bodies and try to relieve the pressure. Finally, we have no choice but to stand up and get a drink or something to eat. What happened? How did our sofa go from such a comfortable piece of furniture to a torture device?

I say it again, comfort is a trap!

The sofa didn’t change, we did. Our bodies need to be supported, if we allow ourselves to collapse into the cushions our muscles let go and our bones start to shift, sit there long enough, and eventually the shift is unhealthy, our bodies have no choice but to send us a pain signal to warn of the danger we are creating.

As difficult as it is, and it is difficult, we need to free ourselves from the comfort trap!

Transformation, true transformation only occurs when we challenge ourselves.

I am Fascial Specialist, who performs a proprietary treatment called Total Health Reform (THR). The treatment is painful, I mean truly painful, more than once, I have had a client question why they are there. In each case they ask the same question, has anyone just not come back? I laugh inside every time I hear that. I am still waiting for that one that just says I'm out. My ex-wife used to say, "I've gotta go", every time it got too painful, but she never left, sometimes she hit me, but she never left.

Why did they stay? I would like to think it was my magnetic personality, but in truth, they transformed. They showed up for the challenge and their body transformed. I could quote you all day on the science and the theory behind what was happening inside their body, but I come to believe that the most part of their transformation is showing up for the challenge.

They want transformation, and no challenge is too great for them to overcome, to get their change.

Always met the challenge

Because of watching my clients transform, and my own personal transformation, I take every opportunity to challenge myself now.

In 2018 I went to a presentation by Wim Hof, the Ice Man. He encourages people to immerse themselves in freezing cold water. When I arrived at the presentation hall, there were people from all walks of life, all there for the same reason, to push themselves, and see what would happen.

Some, if not most, had been experimenting with the cold plunge before the event, and were excited to learn from the expert. Before long, this wild man steps on the stage and begins to regale us with stories of how it all began and what it all meant. Next, we all changed into our bathing suits, sitting there shivering, waiting for what was to come.

The back doors opened, and I saw three huge tubs with people filling them with bags of ice. The cold from that area was bitter, it assaulted me where I sat, as if it were a cold slap. Group after group was brought to the back and encouraged to throw away their fear and immerse themselves in the ice water. Finally, it was my groups turn, I got up and acted unfazed, but inside I was in turmoil. Was I really going to get into that tub of ice? I stood beside the tub, the air was biting and filled with a cold fog. I stepped over the edge and placed my feet into the water. I could barely breathe, every fibre in my being said get out. Next, I had to sink in slowly up to my neck. I couldn’t breathe, this wasn’t water, this was fire. I struggled for air, and forced a smile to my lips, pretending like it was all good. After a minute or so, my torture was over, I was careful to show no panic as I extricated myself from that watery tomb that was quickly draining my life away.

I pretended with my friends that it was all good, said all the right things, and acted like it was the best thing ever. Inside my head, I was like what the hell was that? I knew I would never do that again, and this guy was crazy.

Wim Hof the Ice Man

I didn’t understand at the time what an opportunity this was. I don’t know, if all that he claims is true, but I know it doesn’t matter. The challenge is what matters. I have no doubt that if you want to improve your immune system and you challenge yourself with cold water dips, you will improve your immune system, not necessarily just because of the cold, but because of the willingness to change.

This is what I have learned. Just as with Wim Hof, if you are willing to step outside of your comfort trap, then what you can accomplish is limitless. My clients experience that, when they show up for themselves, when they face the truth about how the comfort they seek is just a lie masked in a painful smile.

Now I seek the challenge. When I was a little cold, I would immediately reach for a sweater or a coat, now I welcome the cold, and before long I am warm. I have gotten rid of my comfy sofa and sit in straight back chairs, cushioned of course, I want challenge, I am not a barbarian. Even my thinking has changed, I no longer shrink from the uncomfortable conversations or ideas, but plunge head-first into them.

The Fascial KEY

What does Fascia have to do with all this? Fascia is always monitoring us, like a watchful mother. It supports us in all things. If it senses we are in danger or need help, it steps in and fills that void. Face the challenge, and Fascia knows you are ok, and won’t react.

Face the challenge and make your Fascia healthier. Here are three challenges I do on a daily basis.

Three Easy Challenges You Can Do to Make Your Fascia Healthier

Challenge 1: Change to fit your environment!​

I used to try to dress to fit the temperature. I would bury myself in layers of clothes to keep out the cold or bare my skin to release the heat. Now I purposely want to feel the cold, or I let my body deal with the heat. This is not to say I walk out in a t-shirt and shorts in minus 30, but I don’t want to get caught in the trap of searching for the perfect comfortable temperature. A friend of mine, she is always, taking off and putting on layers, depending, if the clouds blow in or the wind picks up or dies. It is quite funny to watch.

Try to dress in a way that you feel uncomfortable, if after 5-10 minutes you are still really uncomfortable, then put on a layer, but let your body change to the temperature, trust me it will.

I bet he is carrying a few layers in that suitcase

Challenge 2: Sit up Straight, in a lightly cushioned chair!​

It seems like all the chairs in our life have become more and more cushioned. If I you look at your car the headrest is tilted forward, forcing your chin into a forward position. It encourages you to slouch and put your chair back into a reclined position.

Try getting off your sofa and sitting in a straight back chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your shoulders against the back rest. Watch a tv show or read a book in this position. You might feel little pains here and there as your body adjusts, but stay with it until sitting there is comfortable. One more thing bring your car seat up into an erect position, reposition your rear-view mirror so you will know if you begin to slouch.

Challenge 3: Challenge what you believe to be true!​

I think this might be the most difficult challenge of all. Every day I take a moment to challenge something I believe. I throw this comfortable assumption under a powerful microscope, to reveal how it might be holding me back from a meaningful transformation.

You can focus on anything you want, but maybe start with something easy. What do you believe ageing is? If you think that you suffer from a slow decline becoming less and less functional until you take the long dirt nap. Try believing that your body is capable of ongoing renewal. The benefits you experience will be unmatched.

We are limitless in what we can be!

The Wrap Up

If you follow these three easy challenges your transformation will begin, you won’t change overnight, but you have taken the first steps to escape from the prison of your comfort, and you have chosen to transform. Remember these simple statements, “Challenge = Transformation”, and, “Comfort is a Trap”.

Good luck and stay Fascia healthy

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