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This article is not here to debate whether too much body fat is a good or bad thing. There are lots of articles you can read to support either argument. I am here to talk about the excess fat that we are struggling to eliminate and seems impervious to all our attempts to remove it.

I struggled with body fat. I am fifty-three years old and when I reached my thirties my body started to betray me. At least that is how it felt at the time. I fought a losing battle with a spare tire, my face was padded, my one chin started to become two, and my muscles were soft to the touch. I struggled valiantly, dieting and exercising, I looked for a solution to what was happening and found nothing! Little by little, I was overwhelmed, nothing stopped the prison of fat that was built around me.

2017 taken by client

I am not going to tell you I always ate perfectly healthy, I didn’t, but I never ate inherently unhealthy either. In truth, as more body fat accumulated, I paid more and more attention to my nutrition. I ate healthier than I had ever done in my whole life and yet my journey towards obesity continued. The day I went in for a check-up and the doctor said I was in an obese range for my age was devastating. I had been telling myself for years the reason my pants size kept increasing was because they kept making them smaller, for some odd reason. I went from a 33-34 inch waist to a 42!

I am in health care and have been for 21 years. How could someone who has trained and is educated in body care let this happen to himself? I didn’t, I honestly thought that I wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t till I saw the picture above that it all came tumbling down. I had been lying to myself for years. I couldn’t understand how this could happen to me. I watched my diet, I exercised regularly, and was way more active than the average person my age. Yet, there I was, I hardly recognized myself.

Everything changed after I received that picture. I started treating my Fascia to release the body fat. The changes immediately were amazing, but the best was yet to come. Before long, I started to see the old me, then what was more exciting is that eventually I became the me I always knew I was. The exact method of my transformation is for another article, suffice to say that I didn't need any special diets or intense work out programs, my body changed all on its own with the proper guidance. I am reticent to share with you exactly what I did, I don't want to turn this into a marketing piece, but read about the THR program on this site and you will get a better idea. What is important here is to realize that no matter how far we have fallen there is a way back.

2021 self portrait

I am not saying that proper nutrition and exercise are not important, or connected to weight loss, just that body fat that is stored in the Fascia, is impervious to outdated modes of elimination.

So what is happening then?


What was happening to me, what is happening to so many of us?

What became apparent, is that once I started storing fat, it became easier and easier to put more fat on, and more and more difficult to eliminate any. Try as I might, I really couldn’t make any permanent changes. It was if the fat was somehow protected, all my attempts to remove it through dieting and exercise failed, especially in the most affected areas, my belly and low back!

My weight would change. I would get 10 pounds lighter but look the exact same. My waist size didn’t change even a little bit. To say I was frustrated is an understatement.

Being a Fascial specialist, I looked in that direction for what was happening. I found my answers, and everything changed.

What is Fascia?

There are many different definitions for Fascia, but what is consistent is that it is a total body system, that connects everything together in a dynamic web.

From the collection of Janus Jurek

I would say that Fascia is your ever watchful mother, always there to help you out when you need it and support you no matter what crazy stuff you do. You see Fascia is designed to connect our whole body, as such it is in the perfect position to detect any dysfunction our body might experience. If it detects a problem, it will attempt to repair or at least support us during the repair process.

What does this have to do with that stubborn fat. The first thing to understand is that we store fat for many different reasons. If we are carrying a heavy toxic load, or our immune system is working too hard and we can’t eliminate the waste, we might use white body fat to store this unwanted garbage, until we can process it properly. Sometimes, for many different reasons, we just can't process the stored waste, and over time it begins to build up in our white fat cells.

Let me give you an analogy. Imagine that there is a garbage truck headed for the dump. The road ahead is blocked for some reason. The truck has to get back because more garbage is piling up. What to do? The truck driver goes up to a nearby house and says can I store this garbage in your field? The owner reluctantly agrees, but says, “...ok but you have to build a bunker around it so that none of it leaks out, and the smell is contained…”. The truck driver agrees, builds the bunker, dumps the garbage, and off he goes. Soon he returns with another load, the road is still blocked, and he repeats the whole process again. Not long later the garbage is piling up in the field and there are bunkers everywhere! Finally, the road is cleared, and the garbage can get through to the dump. Now, the trucker has to come back and clean up all the garbage that piled up in the field. This is no easy task, first the bunker has to be opened, and the garbage loaded, then finally the bunker has to be removed. Meanwhile the trucker still has to carry new garbage to the dump as well. It would seem almost impossible for the truck to catch up!

The same can be true for your body. If you are compressed, for whatever reason, at the main clearance areas of your body, such as your groin, armpits, collar bone, etc. It may become very difficult for normal elimination processes in your body to function. This means that if you are experiencing some sort of challenge to your body, stress, poor food choices, trauma, etc., the waste from these processes cannot be eliminated easily. The body might choose to store this waste in fat cells (the farmers field). Now this waste is not healthy for you. Fascia will come in and encapsulate this waste (build a bunker). Even if the blockage in elimination circulation should clear up, the bunkers (Fascial encapsulations) still exist. To access that stored fat, the bunkers need to be removed.

Encapsulated Fat Cells

I am not going to get into how to break those bunkers, it is no secret that I have treatments for exactly that purpose. I mean this article to give you hope, that you're right, you are doing everything right, so you should be losing the fat. There is a solution for you, not just what I am offering, but other solutions that target those fat bunkers.

In the meantime, here are three easy things you can do to encourage those bunkers to open and the very least minimize how much new fat you are storing.

Three Easy Things You Can do to Start Eliminating Fat

Your body is working hard to protect you, even from yourself sometimes. All you have to do is give it the proper signals and it will start to reverse the process. Here are three easy steps you can start to incorporate into your life to change your body today.

Step 1: Drink more water!​

I know you have probably heard this before but the more water you drink the easier it is for your body to eliminate wastes, to process food, and maintain a healthier body overall. Fascia is made up of a large percentage of water (70%) to maintain healthy fascia the more water the better! At a minimum you should drink two and half litres a day, but if you want to encourage fat loss, then three to even four litres might be needed.

Step 2: Sit up Straight!​

That’s right, it turns out granny was right. Improving your posture not only makes you look better for others, it is also good for you. The muscles that help maintain your posture will also help burn off fat, not to mention that proper posture encourages circulation and therefore elimination.

If you have poor posture your Fascia has to change its nature to support you. If this occurs the Fascia which should be fluid and malleable becomes rigid and can negatively affect circulation and muscle function.

Step 3: Slow down while you eat!​

The reality is that eating slower won’t make you shed fat, but it will allow you to feel fuller faster. If you slow down and breathe while eating, you are taking the time to enjoy your meal, you are entering a parasympathetic state which is necessary for digestion, and you are reducing stress, which slows down your metabolism.

Fascia responds to stress as it would to physical injury; it changes its nature and goes into more a supportive or protective role. This leads to more tension in the digestive system making it more difficult to process your food and eliminate the wastes.

The Wrap Up

I know that so many of us have had struggles or are struggling with stubborn fat. I am not saying that it is easy to fix this problem, no matter what happens it will take work. That said you now have new hope, if you know why you can’t lose the fat, that is half the battle.

So, follow these 3 easy steps and your Fascia will become healthier and function better and your fat will start to disappear.

Good luck and stay Fascia healthy.

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